Owning a Cafe

Owning and running your own café may sound more appealing than holding sown a 9 to 5 office job, but it does take hard work, perseverance and determination to succeed.

Have a Business Plan

Unless you have the money to open a café, you will need to borrow it, and that means preparing a business plan for the bank. It's a detailed document that outlines exactly what your plans are, how much money you will need, the number of employees, operating costs and expenses, and projected profits. Of course, you will also need to give some thought as to exactly what type of café you have in mind; a café can be anything from the traditional 'greasy spoon' serving bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea, to something more stylish and sophisticated, offering different varieties of tea and coffee, and pastries or healthier snacks. The location is important too, as the wrong sort of café will struggle to thrive in a specific environment, and you may have established competition. Carrying out research and market analysis is important before you even present your proposal to the bank. People go to cafes for different reasons, such as a daily cup of tea, for an ice cream occasionally or for their lunch every day and you will have to determine who your customers might be.

Health and Safety

One of the most important aspects of running a café is keeping the kitchen and public area clean and safe, not only to ensure customer satisfaction but to satisfy local and national regulations, including those issued by the Foods Standard Agency. Keep in mind you will need to keep food fresh and uncontaminated, make sure your surfaces, sinks and floors are clean and free of germs, and that staff are following appropriate procedures. kitchen deep cleaning will be required regularly, and you and your staff will need to be prepared for regular inspections of your premises. You will also need to register your business with the local authority and you may need to undergo occasional training in food safety or related subjects.

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The Financial and Administrative Side

However, once you have your café up and running, your work is only beginning. As owner, you will need to be responsible for such essential tasks as ordering food and supplies, checking inventory, and trying to strike the right balance between ordering the right amount of food, and throwing it out as you ordered too much. Unless you are running the place single handedly, you sill need to hire at least one other employee, and that means placing advertisements for help wanted, reviewing and interviewing applicants, paying them and keeping track of wages paid. You will also have the expense of a lease on your premises and the ongoing struggle to keep expenses and bills as low as possible, while maximizing profits. Not surprisingly, many café owners fail in their dream, although with the right approach, the necessary research and a product that customers really want, it is possible to see your café thrive.